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Playlists [09.01.2028]
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Dean Winchester [08.03.2028]
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Bio and Plotting ([info]daybreaktown) [05.25.2019]
Player Name: Ash
Character Name: Dean Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon Point: End of Season 12
Canon Blending? Yes
Previous Game? [info]reconsider, his old profile, with updates

Age: 40
Occupation: Singer professionally, gummi engineer by hobby
Martial Status: Single, but not really Dating

False Memories:
♪ He's in a band (POPY, ask about it) that plays most major events in town, and has been for years. He's yet to see any younger groups ready to take that torch.
♪ His music career actually started as a child when his mother signed him up for piano lessons and choir. Turns out, he enjoyed music and singing.
♪ Delsin is his drummer. They grew up together.
♪ His dad is a gummi engineer who works on whatever needs repairs, be it ships, the train, or any other large machinery. Dean finds it hilarious that the man barely understands his gummiphone, though.
♪ He's sure if he wasn't singing and doing well enough with that, he'd be doing the same thing as his dad.
♪ Overall, he's well adjusted and friendly with everyone he meets, he doesn't let the fact that strangers recognize him go to his head.
♪ He's not overly into sweet food or drinks, he equates this to staying in shape so well.
♪ He doesn't smoke or drink (at least publicly), and tries to set a good example for kids, which he does love, but he hasn't found the right guy to settle down with.
♪ He has a few tattoos, ones that he's sure has some sort of meaning to them but he can't seem to pin it down exactly and typically just makes something up on the spot.

Brief History:
Seeing Castiel die, his mother get sucked into another dimension, and knowing that the brat causing it all was probably going to cause the world to end for real this time had been more than enough to drive Dean from his world. He hadn't thought it would work, of course, but for whatever had. He'd spent those first couple of weeks just getting himself in check, but in a drunken fit one night he prayed, and maybe, just maybe, someone was looking out for him out there in the universe...or multiple universes, whatever. Castiel was there.

It took a while, but slowly, everyone else started coming. Jo showed up, her mom, Sam came and went and while that took a bit to cope with it made Dean realize that no matter what time continuum crap was getting abused, his family was still his family. Angels came and went, he met a couple new Gods even. He took in a couple of girls. He had found a home, in a world that didn't need him constantly chasing down the town's big and bad. He held down a job, he had a real house, he had a life, something he'd only ever dreamed about. Of course, he'd never really expected that even that was going to be taken eventually when he fell asleep.

In Game
8.24.19 - Castiel meets him at his gig. Not saying it was a date, but Dean counts it as their first date.
9.3.19 - Recieved his Castiel's Pimpmobile during the Meteor Shower

Bio and Plotting ([info]reconsider) [09.03.2017]
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